We Design, Build and Maintain Your Data Center as you want it.

Data center infrastructure is one of the most critical IT infrastructures, where a company will stake its data storage on a data center.

Therefore, determining specifications and design is very important in building or developing a data center. So, an IT partner with experience in the field is needed.

Timap Data Center Infrastructure Solutions with its integrated design and scalable system architecture supports customers in building an optimal data center with fully-integrated infrastructure solutions.

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

We support our customers in building customized, reliable, flexible, manageable, and energy-efficient data centers, Timap Data Center Infrastructure Solutions products including:

Rack Enclosure

We offer end-to-end rackmount solutions. Our solution engineers have worked in hundreds of data centers and can confidently recommend the best rackmount accessories for your environment.

Batteries System

The most common battery solution for UPS systems is the Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA). Timap provide a complete power backup solutions with VRLA batteries, a battery racks and Circuit breaker (CB) kit.

UPS System

We provide UPS solutions by Eaton in indonesia that meet business needs and existing budget that affordably provides a robust, reliable, compact, and efficient power management solution.

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