What We Do

Products and services that will be offered by "market" in Indonesia by PT. TIMAP INFORMATIKA PRATAMA in 2022 are as follows:


Design and build system automation, control system and PLC programming. Good for factory systems, food & beverages and other industries.


Providing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that can be adapted to the customer's business environment.

Smart Application

We provide IoT (Internet of Things) & Smart applications for the industry to provide businesses with real-time data.

Ready to Enter the Industrial 4.0 Era

We design and engineer custom-automated control solutions that reduce your costs and give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. Get accurate insight from real-time data to make informed decisions to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and optimise your business.

Produce Better

Helping Manufacturers to Produce better and reduce waste.

Produce Smarter

Helping entrepreneurs to be able to control and develop their business.

% Reduce Cost
% Increase Speed
% Increase Quality
% Increase Safety

Focus on Improving Your Business Instead of Firefighting

Don’t think those issues should stop you from starting your digital transformation now..

Benefits of Industrial 4.0

Would you like to focus on improving your manufacturing operations efficiency instead of firefighting against inefficiencies damaging your production? Timap's Industry 4.0 solutions enable remote monitoring, control and automation of the industrial processes and bring:
  • Improve your manufacturing efficiency.
  • Reduce waste & downtime.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • End-to-end visibility into the supply and production chains.
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How it works

Connect, Collect & Integrate any source data from production and centralise into IIoT Platforms. Horizontal Integration: • Legacy and New systems • All areas of your factory • All informations.     Vertical Integration: • From sensors to cloud
Visualise & Analyse, in real time, your manufacturing operations as a whole from anywhere, at anytime. Get accurate and actionable insight to make data driven decisions for your operational teams.
Identify & Optimise enables decision makers to increase productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce waste. Optimise your production, improve your maintenance, increase your quality, analyse your performance, reduce waste.

Why Choose TIMAP

Visualise, in real-time, all areas of your factory; anytime and anywhere. Avoid failures before they occur by receiving alerts. Analyse your manufacturing operation data and anticipate problems by making faster and smarter decisions to reduce downtime, waste, and improve your quality.
An IIoT Platform to centralise information on legacy and new systems from disparate sources: ERP, CRM, MOM and sensors. Provide operational teams with accurate and actionable insight enabling informed decisions to increase efficiency and produce a quick ROI.
An end-to-end digitalisation allowed by a tailored plug and play automation solution for the industry. A simple implementation facilitated by a step-by-step plan focuses on customers. An easy solution with a custom cost, no commitment, no maintenance and no extra skill needed.

Our Other Products

To support the transformation towards the industrial era 4.0, we also provide high-quality supporting products, including:

Industrial Battery Series

Timap develops VRLA type batteries for industry. This battery is intended for Solar Power Plant, Solar Home System, Solar PJU, Solar Pumps, and solar cells that use the Off Grid system.

Energy Storage System

Timap collaborating with Asahi Esda to develop a Containerized Energy Storage System (ESS) based on solar power for remote location.

Industrial UPS

With full support from eaton, Timap develop uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that affordably provides a robust, reliable, compact, and efficient power management solution.

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