We provide solar PV module by utilizing the latest technology and maximum local content for production process. Our solar PV module and supporting products for solar system. Timap provide a product with local content certification (TKDN). Continuous innovation in product development to support Solar Power Plant demand in domestic market, in line with government program.

Key Features

Our solar panels are low-profile and durable — quietly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come. We have 9 BB Half cut cell technology. Lower Internal current, lower the risk of hot spot, lower resistive loss, minimizes micro - crack impacts.

Higher output power: up to 450 WP
Higher efficiency: >20%
Better shading tolerance
IP 68 Junction box: High waterproof level
SNI 61215 : 2016
Local content (TKDN):> 40%

Don't getting left behind, let's team up!

If you are interested in solar power generation applications, but still confused about all the details that need to be considered, contact us. We will make sure you are prepared. Let us team up (TIMAP)!